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The Fight Against Grenade Spam

Oh boy. Infinity Ward is batting a thousand with Modern Warfare 2. Not only have the butchered the PC version (which, whether you like it or not is the only system optimized for this game) by making it a feautreless console port. And it's limited to 9 vs 9 because, well, apparently nobody needs more than that. Oh, and a price hike because I guess they aren't making enough money as it is. But ... well ... watch the video.

I'll go back to my 32 player Unreal Tournament 3 now with dedicated servers, mods out the ass and with gameplay that's actually fast paced and fun now.

Infinity Ward, if you wanted to piss people off with your game, you should have just not bothered to release a PC version of it.


Unreal Tournament Vs Halo : You’ve Been Served

Yeah. That’s right bitches. Unreal Tournament forever. Halo’s got nothin’ on Unreal Tournament for me. Unreal Tournament = fun. Halo = slow paced crap with 10 year olds calling everyone every name in the book. Case closed.


Unreal Tournament has aged beautifully.


This sucker has still got it. I've been playing this game on and off ever since it came out, and it still holds up. Tons of game types, roughly 10 years worth of user made maps and tons of other stuff. The only reason I can think of why you don't have this game is that you're not used to the insanely fast paced nature of this. It has everything you could ever want, is dirt cheap, and has only gotten better with age. And people STILL play this today. I just got done with an online game where some insanely good players wiped the floor with me.