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Garrymon - The most bizarre use of the Half-Life 2 engine I’ve ever seen.

This is apparently the first episode of a Pokemon spoof using Gary's Mod. And all I have to say is "What ... the ... hell ..."

Definitely worth a watch though, if nothing else to watch the faces contort into these bizarre positions and, of course, the "GabeDex".


Pixel Force : Left 4 Dead. Pure awesomeness.

Logo_L4DNow, I haven’t had a chance to play this MUCH (though I have been playing it since I downloaded it about an hour ago as of this writing) but this is a … for the most part … faithful de-make of Valve’s Left 4 Dead in an 8 Bit NES style done by Eric Ruth Games. Which means it’s top down, pixelly zombie killing goodness. All of the limitations of the NES seem to come into play here, and it’s a lot friendlier to single player play. You have the regular zombies that just kinda stand around, and either when they’re shot or when they notice you they go into full top speed attack. The special infected ARE here, though they work a little differently. Such as the Boomer shoots fireball looking puke projectiles, the hunter is pretty much the same except that when he pounces you, you just mash on the buttons to get him off of you. The Smoker just sends you spinning with his tongue. The witch is pretty much the same, though I haven’t pissed her off yet. :) And the tank … I haven’t seen him yet (maybe he’s a boss?) but there are sound files for him.

All the survivors are here in they’re 8 Bit glory (Zoey is still hot in 8 Bit form by the way), all the levels are here in a top down perspective except for maybe Crash Course … but maybe that will come in a later update. And the music … chiptuned awesomeness that is in a friendly MP3 format to haul around with you, which I plan on doing. And when you first start the game, as it’s loading, you get an NES cart mockup for Left 4 Dead. Awesomeness.

The only bad points I can see here in the short amount of time I’ve had with it is that there only seems to be a machine gun, a pistol (which can be dual wielded) and the shotgun. No hunting rifle, assault rifle, pipe bombs or molotavs. Of course, this is version 1.1, they MAY come at a later date. And there is only local 2 player support. Now, yes, I know that most NES games were only capable of 2 players simultaneously, but come on. There WAS that severely underutilized 4 player adapter. And how bad ass would be to be able to play this game online with people.

And, it lets me get my zombie killing on with my netbook. Which increases it’s awesomeness.

Now, when you get into this game, bear in mind that it plays a lot differently, mostly from the top down perspective. And you can only shoot in 4 directions. But the way the game is set up it works great. Hopefully it’ll get more updates with the missing weapons and maybe some online support … which might be wishful thinking, but hey. :) Download after the screenshots and gameplay video.


Left 4 Dead 2 DLC – The Passing

I believe it’s set to come out Spring of 2010, and it will feature the original 4 survivors we all know and love along with the new ones. So that means … Rochelle AND Zoey in the same game. And that’s too much awesome to pass up. There isn’t any word on pricing yet, but if it’s anything like the last Left 4 Dead campaign that hit the consoles, it’ll probably cost 7 bucks. Again. And be free on the PC. Blame Microsoft for that one.

Granted, I didn’t care. I snagged Crash Course on the PC and happily shelled out my Microsoft Space Bucks for it on the 360 just because it’s great stuff.

But going back to “The Passing” it’ll be a whole new campaign bringing back the old survivors, as well as new arenas for Survival, Versus and Scavange modes. New firearms, new melee weapons. A new “uncommon” zombie (uncommon zombies … a good example is that damn clown). As well as a new co-operative challenge mode. And even if they charge for it on both platforms, I’ll still get it.

So this isn’t going to be a light one. And I can’t wait for it. Left 4 Dead 2 for the win. Down with Modern Warfare 2.

RochelleWeaponsRender Zoey___Left_4_Dead_by_loko3d

Like I said. Can’t wait.

via GayGamer


A cheap Steam package you owe it to yourself to get.


Yeah, that’s right. These games are actually pretty damn good. And will run on just about anything. They all pretty much run off of the same engine, just getting a bit more advanced with each new release. They all have some RPG elements as well where you upgrade your stats and all that stuff. I’m going to eventually do a full review of at LEAST one of them because for the price, they’re pretty damn good. It costs 14.99 for the complete package, or they run 4.99 apiece.

And Zombie Shooter 2 just came out recently on Steam, and it’s 10 bucks. Give the demo a try, you may be surprised. They all play a little bit like games such as Left 4 Dead or Gauntlet. In the Zombie Shooter games, near as I can tell it’s mostly the slower moving zombies with a few faster ones thrown into the mix. But yeah, I got the complete thing a while back and I don’t regret it at all.


ASCIIpOrtal has been released.


A little while back I made a comment on an upcoming game called ASCII Portal. (Which the author spells ASCIIpOrtal. Seems cooler to me. hehe) Now, if you didn't guess, this is a fan made version of Valve's game Portal done in entirely ASCII graphics. Which I am a sucker for. You can view my original post about it here, or you can just go straight to the downloads for Mac, Windows and Linux at Cymons Games. Thanks to @retroremakes on Twitter for helping to let everyone know, and you can follow Cymons Games at @CymonsGames on Twitter if you feel so inclined.