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Oldschool Quake 3 Arena Frag video. Let’s see Master Chief do this.

Quake 3 Arena. That with Unreal Tournament are they only great online experiences out there. Left 4 Dead is awesome in it’s own right, but is a completely different beast. Free for All forever. And Rocket Arena is some of the best times I’ve ever had in gaming. My preferred Rocket Arena is from the original Quake though.

The rocket launcher in Quake has had a bit of a history, at least in the first 3 games. It was immensely powerful in the first game, and even a mildly experienced player could dominate if he or she got ahold of that thing. If Quake 2, they dialed down the power significantly and made it almost completely useless. But in Quake 3 Arena, they perfected it. And still remains to this day my favorite version of this particular weapon, with the Unreal Tournament version coming in an extremely close second.

Long live the king.

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