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These pictures of Lindsay Lohan are relevant to my interests.

lindsay_lohan_black_white These are some new pictures from a photoshoot … honestly couldn’t tell you what from because I don’t read magazines. It’s actually two different shoots, I just jumbled them together for the hell of it. And because I think they’re both great.

But regardless of all that mess, the other girl in the black and white photos are her younger sister Ali. Say what you want about Lindsay’s career or what she does with her personal time that shouldn’t really be anyone’s business ANYWAY, I’m diggin’ these shoots she does.

Hell, I even though that movie she did “I Know Who Killed Me” was really friggin’ good. A lot of people bash the acting, but I thought she pulled it off well.

Anyway, hit the jump for the good stuff. All photos courtesy of The Superficial and Hollywood Tuna.