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Vanessa Hudgens gets leggy.

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Vanessa Hudgens
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Yes, I’m well aware that picture isn’t particularly leggy, but I don’t care. I personally like it better. I don’t remember where this is from, I’m assuming some sort of awards show that I don’t watch.

But it really wants to make me go out and buy a Coke. And I don’t even drink soda all that often.

But regardless, I’ve never seen any of the movies she’s ever been in, the only music I’ve ever seen is from whatever channels my daughter watches … which means I’m exposed to this a lot.

That’s kind of weird … you’d think I’d have at least seen SOME of ANY of the High School Musical movies considering I bought them for her … but I haven’t.

Oh well. No big deal. Oh, and as an added bonus I added some pictures of our little cell phone user from the Oscars. Why? Because I can. Hit the jump.


Ashley Olsen is as gorgeous as ever, but what’s going on with Mary-Kate?

olsens5 Ashley always effortlessly looks stunning, but what's going on with her sister? She's looking kinda rough. Maybe it has something to do with that new movie she's in with Vanessa Hudgens? At least, I THINK I remember hearing about some kinda movie with her. I don't really follow that stuff that much (I didn't even know there was a sequel for Rob Zombie's rendition of Halloween until yesterday, and I loved the first one).


*updated* Dane Cook gives Vanessa Hudgens shit on the Kid’s Choice Awards

Isn't this no talent fuck's 15 minutes up yet? This "comedian" is getting worse and worse every time I see him. He's not funny, he's not talented and needs to just wander off into the distance and do shows at bars and clubs where he might get away with acting like a moron. Fuck, I feel bad putting him into the "Celebrities" category, but I don't wanna make a whole new one for people like him to be honest.

I got to thinking about it, and I didn't want JUST a Dane Cook post on my front page. It's fucking embarrassing. So after the jump I give you some of the pictures he was referring to. Just to have something that's actually worth seeing.


Megan Fox at the Teen Choice Awards

58085261 I can't say that I've ever seen the Teen Choice Awards. Probably because I'm not a teenager and I couldn't give two shits less about awards shows. But shots like these make me wonder if I should tune in sometime just to see what all the hubbub is about. More after the jump.


Vanessa Hudgens just doesn’t learn.


She just doesn't seem to know how to put that camera down. lol  I just wonder when Disney is finally going to completely ditch her so she can move on to more "interesting" roles. More after the jump.