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XBLIG Review – Pew Pew Pod

xboxboxart (1) Yet another dual stick space shooter in the indie games. And guess what it’s styled after. Yeah … I’m not even going to type the name of the game here because I personally think it’s an overhyped mess. But regardless of that, despite the stupid name of “Pew Pew Pod” it is well done and does a good job of setting itself apart from the other better known shooter of this ilk. Barely.

This is another one of those reviews where I’m going to attempt to review it as objectively as I can, because personally, I despise the game and will never play it again. But that’s not because the game is bad. I’m just sick of dual stick shooters in space. I got sick of them a LONG time ago, and it boggles my mind that people keep making them. But unfortunately, people keep playing them so there’s going to be about a thousand more.

So with that being said, and probably causing the developers to think to themselves “Oh God …” let’s get this show on the road.