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XBLIG Review – Spiders! Why did it have to be spiders?

xboxboxart (1) Do you really hate spiders. I mean, REALLY hate spiders. Not creeped out by them like you’re doing to run screaming every time you see even a Daddy Long Legs … I mean hate them to the point that you want to kill every last one of them until the Earth is devoid of the damn things. Where they’re in hiding below the ground to avoid the wrath of your boot to eventually mutate and evolve under there and kill us all. Then this game is for you, because that what you’re going to be doing. Killing spiders. Lots of them. With a machine gun. Only these spiders are as big as you are and can kill you within a few seconds. This game plays out a little bit like an overhead version of a previous Xbox indie game called Jonny Crush, just without the variety in enemies, weapons, environments and polygons. Not to say that’s a BAD thing of course. Spiders! has all the basic elements needed to be a good top down, dual stick shooter. And isn’t a bad game per-say, it just doesn’t go beyond those basic elements to make something special.