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Pinky vs Blocks

xboxboxart Pinky vs Blocks is best described as Tetris meets platformer. Shaped blocks fall from above and you must make them fit in empty spots to create lines, like in Tetris. While at the same time you must rescue a creature named Pinky who is trapped in jail.

Pinky uses his super powers to aid in his escape, which allows him to control the position and rotation of the blocks. The blocks don’t want Pinky to escape so they are doing everything in their power to stop him from escaping. There are 60 levels between Pinky and the jail exit. Another similarity between Pinky & Tetris they both require a certain amount of lines before you are able to move on.

In Pinky’s case completing a certain number of lines opens the door to the next room, but you can only get to the door if you have created a path to the exit for Pinky.

screen1_Web Be careful of edges, pinky can fall, only short distances; if he falls from to high up he will die. Sometimes reaching the exit is a easy a creating lines, while other times you must create lines and stairs for pinky to climb to reach the exit. Using the left stick, you control the blocks as they fall and use the trigger buttons to rotate. The right stick is used to control Pinky and to move him around the level. Bumpers are used for jump and Super Jump.

screen2_Web In order to gain the super jump or time travel features, you must wait a certain time limit. Pinky vs Blocks has a co-op, there are 2 modes available. The 1st mode is when playing the single player campaign 1 person controls the blocks and 1 person controls Pinky. The 2nd mode is a competition to see who can complete the level 1st.


screen4_Web The graphics kind of remind me of a child’s crayon drawing. The music is vaguely reminds me of the Tetris music. The big drawbacks of the game are that you must control the blocks and pinky at the same time and it’s very easy to get confused on a what button does what or which joystick moves what. In a game where every step is critical, this is a major breaking point. Your screen is also tiny, you are so zoomed out that your character is a spec on your screen.

6 – If you’re a fan of puzzle games, then I would suggest you giving this game a try.

This game was reviewed by Alicia Simpson, and you can get ahold of her at vwbuggirl4 at gmail dot com.

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