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Xbox Live Indie Game Review – Super Avatar Hero Force

xboxboxart This game is completely different from what I expected from the screenshots. I was expecting a Final Fight or Streets of Rage style brawler with avatar zombies, kittens and giant robots. Yes, those three. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that … it’s much much simpler than that. Not to say that’s a bad thing of course. This is made by UberGeekGames, who are fairly well known for making fairly simplistic games with an over-abundance of features in them that you would never expect to be there. Like online multiplayer Pong for example. Yes, you read that right. Online multiplayer PONG. But this isn’t about that (though you should try “A Game of Tennis”). This is about a weird little game where you beat the hell out of avatar zombies … though you never actually kill them because I don’t think Microsoft would like people killing off hundreds upon thousands of avatars. So you just knock them back, they go home, sleep it off and are fine in the morning.