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Xbox Live Indie Game Trial Impression – Project Zero

xboxboxart I’m not going to get in depth with the trial impressions anymore, because I don’t see trial impressions as actual reviews. I see them as a first impression of the game since they only last 8 minutes.

On that note, this game surprised me. I downloaded it expecting it to be utterly HORRIBLE based solely on the screenshots. It just looked like another dual stick shooter to me (which, in it’s most basic sense, it is) and I’m getting bloody sick of dual stick shooters.

The cover art for this game obviously isn’t all that great. It does not represent the game at all. It looks like it was just slapped together at the last minute to get the thing out there.

But I’m not one to completely judge a game by it’s cover art. In fact, I’m the total opposite because the crappier the cover art the more likely I am to try the game just to see how horrible it really is.