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Save the Scribbles!!!

Okay, I honestly don’t know ANYTHING about this game other than the fact it’s a tower defense game. As of this moment, I couldn’t care less about the scribbles, but tower defense games are interesting to me. I play them on my iPod Touch to kill time, and there is an obvious love for NextWar : The Quest for Earth. But for the most part, I’m a VERY casual tower defense gamer. I play what it comfortable for me and where I can have fun. All I know about this game is that fact … it’s a tower defense game. With a pretty friggin’ cool art style judging from the video. But it has some other things going for it as well, from the press release.

  • The player can re-position enemy waypoints to their advantage
  • Dynamic waypoints make the game challenging by constantly shifting their position thus changing the path of the enemies
  • Puzzle elements have been infused with the map design, making players think beyond just placing towers by making the playing field more dynamic with pre-placed towers, and interesting tower powers
  • Players are encouraged to move around the battlefield to collect money and power up their towers with their presence

This is definitely one I will at least try when it comes out though … it has some interesting looking gameplay elements to it. And who knows, it could be the game that turns the typical tower defense game on it’s head. Tower defense games aren’t exactly the best way to go on a console like the 360 or the PS3 just because those analog sticks don’t replace a mouse by any stretch. But those analog sticks also potentially add a gameplay element that hasn’t REALLY been explored before … maybe … just maybe this game either hits it or starts an idea.

We’ll just have to see.

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  1. I got a chance to play this today and I thought it was pretty awesome. You can change the enemies path using Push and Pull towers, along with the usual towers (fast, long range, slow, etc). Controls are simple, left stick to move, A to bring up tower list, X to cycle through towers, and A to place that tower.
    Any tower defense fan should buy this one, and it’s simple enough that it might even draw in people new to tower defense games!

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