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Small update to my review of Bop Nā€™ Pop

It's just a small update regarding my gripes about the music. You can see the full review right here.


Xbox Live Indie Games Review - Bop Nā€™ Pop

xboxboxartOkay, I'll admit. When I first downloaded the trial for this and tried it out, I couldn't stand it. I thought it was terrible, couldn't get the gameplay, and deleted it. Then the other day the developer emails me with a code for the game asking flat out if I could review it. Now ... being that I had only played the trial and I don't get into puzzle games ANYWAY, my original thoughts on the game weren't really relevant to the overall game ... so I figured what the hell. If nothing else from the impression I had from the trial with my history of disliking puzzle games, it's always fun to tear a horrible game apart.Ā After playing the full version of this game however, it actually kinda surprised me.