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XBLIG reviews may come slowly, if at all.


My system is deciding to be uncooperative. And the problem is strangely isolated to indie games. On some indie games, when I run them I get an error that says “Can’t access your storage device. Your console will now restart.” And after it restarts it spends a minute or two downloading that damned 128MB update. It’s done it to me a few times now, the most annoying with Little Racers earlier when I tried to run it to hop on that XBLIG Session. It’s not isolated to just THAT game … but it is isolated to the indie games for some reason. I know it’s not the games themselves because the problem is coming up with games I’ve played several times before. And the only other game I have any problems with is Zombie Apocalypse. I don’t get it, but I do know that I’m not going to have the money to have the damn thing replaced for a while. I just hope it decides to cooperate next week because that’s when the Sol Survivor XBLIG session is going on. :)

But I do hope to get this thing replaced as soon as possible. It’s quite irritating.

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  1. Try deleting the ones you’re not playing off. I heard that if there are tons of them it makes them hard to load.

  2. @Jigsaw hc Nope, I must’ve cleared out 50 games. Still the same shit.

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