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Tila Tequila is still around. And is still devoid of any redeeming qualities.

Tila Tequila 150410 Here she is in an utterly RIDICULOUS outfit that show WAY more than pretty much anyone wants to see (which makes some of the pictures not safe for work) performing her new single “I Fucked the DJ” at The Greenhouse in New York.

Now, I’ve only heard a handful of songs by her … and I’ve got to give her credit for one thing and one thing alone. At least SHE manages to get some kind of meaning out of it, as utterly pointless as that meaning is.

When I hear it, all I hear is bad rap, simplistic repetitive beats and music that seem to be written and finished in a few minutes just to get her to shut up for 5 seconds.

This chick really needs a wake up call and possibly some psychiatric help. Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures, just bear in mind what she’s wearing and your environment, because she really needs some extra special help dressing herself.


Retro gaming related nipple pasties … the perfect gift!

pacman-pasties-2 I can think of at LEAST two people I personally know I could definitely get these things for. Anyway, I would imagine you can get them from here, but the site isn’t in English and I’m too lazy to translate it. And there’s other ones on there like duckies and guns and diamonds and all that mess, but the ones shown are the only ones I actually care about.

And don’t give me any crap about that picture not being safe for work. She’s perfectly covered up. And if you’re a regular to this site, why the hell would you be browsing this at work ANYWAY.

*ahem* Anyway, yeah. This rocks. That’s all I’ve got to say. And if you leave a comment saying “That plug and play game can’t possibly work with that TV!” you’re not paying attention to the important things.

pacman-pasties-3 mushroom-pasties


Vanessa Hudgens gets leggy.

#4711920 The Closing Night Ceremony for the 2010 edition of SHOWEST held at The Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 18, 2010.
Vanessa Hudgens
 Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

Yes, I’m well aware that picture isn’t particularly leggy, but I don’t care. I personally like it better. I don’t remember where this is from, I’m assuming some sort of awards show that I don’t watch.

But it really wants to make me go out and buy a Coke. And I don’t even drink soda all that often.

But regardless, I’ve never seen any of the movies she’s ever been in, the only music I’ve ever seen is from whatever channels my daughter watches … which means I’m exposed to this a lot.

That’s kind of weird … you’d think I’d have at least seen SOME of ANY of the High School Musical movies considering I bought them for her … but I haven’t.

Oh well. No big deal. Oh, and as an added bonus I added some pictures of our little cell phone user from the Oscars. Why? Because I can. Hit the jump.


Mary-Kate and Ashley updated their Myspace pages a little bit.

Just a few pictures, but some kick ass pictures regardless. If you even still use Myspace (I log in less and less it seems), you can hit them up here : Ashley and Mary-Kate. The first two are Mary-Kate and that third, personal favorite of mine, picture is Ashley.


Elizabeth Hurley apparently doesn’t look in the mirror.

love ball depart 240210 Here are some pictures of Elizabeth Hurley at some event ... "The Naked Heart Foundation" hosted something called the Love Ball.

Alright, I'll admit that I've never heard of this. In the picture to the left, she's covering up with the event program because what she's wearing is completely see through. Now, I'm not one to argue about these things, but you really think she would have noticed that. I mean, it's not just a little see through or anything, it's COMPLETELY translucent. Regardless of all that, here's the pictures. The thumbnails are safe for work, but if you click on them that's your own problem.


Hilary Duff gets proposed to, and has a hell of a good way of reacting to it.

Now, the whole marriage thing, I could really care less. I've been there, done that, never doing it again for the sake of my sanity. But on the other hand, if I got a blowjob for asking, I may re-think my stance on it. That's just me though.

Okay, there's a slight chance she may not actually be doing that. But to hell with it, it looks like it and that's good enough for me.


Michelle Trachtenberg just got a whole lot better.

michelle-trachtenberg-complex-09 I know there have been previous shoots,  but not a whole lot quite like this. Unfortunately, there looks like there’s a lot of unneeded photoshopping going on here. I’d be interested to see if there are any outtakes from this one.

To be perfectly honest, the only movie I really remember her from is Eurotrip … how the characters in that movie never noticed her aside from being “one of the guys” until near the end is beyond me. But oh well, movies like that aren’t known for their deep plots or good writing.

Either way, this shoot is definitely a welcome change of pace from the norm. Maybe they’ll get even more interesting in the future.

Hit the jump for all the rest of them.


Zoe Saldana. Need I say more?

Zoe Saldana, tragically, I’d NEVER heard of her before the Star Trek movie … I wish to everything that’s holy I had because it’s pretty damn hard to get better than this. More pictures after the jump, and they’re slightly not safe for work. Good, bad, it’s up to you, I don’t want to hear it if you get into trouble from a boss who doesn’t like gorgeous women.


Emma Watson keeps getting better and better.

emma-watson-jan-06 These are outtakes from a photoshoot for some magazine that I’ve never heard of nor will I probably ever read. But regardless of that, this chick keeps getting better and better and really makes me wonder why I don’t watch the newer Harry Potter movies.

Granted, I’m not really for the “trashy” makeup job, but still. I’m all for the fact that she gets more and more racy with each shoot.

Below are more. Thanks to Popaholic.

emma-watson-jan-02 emma-watson-jan-03 emma-watson-jan-04 emma-watson-jan-05 emma-watson-jan-06


Further proof that Taylor Swift is an alien from outer space in a human body.

taylor-swift-bikini-02 I firmly believe that Taylor Swift is an alien posing as a human. Because humans have flaws, however small they may be. This chick is like a living barbie doll or something because there aren’t any noticeable flaws anywhere. Is it because she’s 19 or something? I don’t get it.

Hit the jump for all the rest. Or click here for a video.