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Mary-Kate and Ashley updated their Myspace pages a little bit.

Just a few pictures, but some kick ass pictures regardless. If you even still use Myspace (I log in less and less it seems), you can hit them up here : Ashley and Mary-Kate. The first two are Mary-Kate and that third, personal favorite of mine, picture is Ashley.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at the Elle Style Awards 2010

21819_Mary_Kate_Olsen_2010_Elle_Style_Awards_greatgams.6x.to_01_122_239lo There are very few women out there that can get away with wearing something that cuts THAT deep, and Ashley is definitely one of them. And Mary-Kate is looking a hell of a lot better than the last time I saw a picture of her. I just wish stuff like this would turn up more often since I’m in the confines of Southern Illinois and I never bother to actually do things like watch television.

But that’s what the internet is good for, isn’t it? So one doesn’t have to waste time with the TV?

But yeah, in the end I honestly wish more pictures like this would surface, it would make my day go by a little better.

And I would definitely have more things that are of actual interest to me personally to update this little corner of the web with other than gaming stuff.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen with cat and mouse ears

XXXXX attends the 'Opening Ceremony' Japan flagship store opening reception party on August 29, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. I just thought I'd drop this off just because aside from the sunglasses it's fucking hot. This is from some fashion ceremony or something in Tokyo. I don't follow nor care about fashion, so you get nothing else.

And there's an extra one in there just because I felt like putting it there.


Ashley Olsen is as gorgeous as ever, but what’s going on with Mary-Kate?

olsens5 Ashley always effortlessly looks stunning, but what's going on with her sister? She's looking kinda rough. Maybe it has something to do with that new movie she's in with Vanessa Hudgens? At least, I THINK I remember hearing about some kinda movie with her. I don't really follow that stuff that much (I didn't even know there was a sequel for Rob Zombie's rendition of Halloween until yesterday, and I loved the first one).


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen pictures updated

1235888 Got kind of bored so I uploaded a little under 800 pictures to this gallery, although I haven't sorted through them so there's probably doubles in there. Entirely too many to sort through. But they're there.  And the reason for so many of these gallery updates is because quite honestly it's the easiest part to do. No real talent or anything required, just upload and click a few times. :P

Olsen Twins

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