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Xona Games releases a shooter, although it isn’t Duality ZF.

What do you get when you mix bullet hell with Space Invaders/Galaga/Galaxian style gameplay. You get Decimation X, a new Xbox Live Indie game that goes for a meager 80 points. What little I’ve played so far is kind of the shooter version of Bayonetta. Just insanity that doesn’t stop. Ever. And from the looks of the video and what I’ve played, the powerups don’t stop either. Go download it, give it a try, the game says online high scores are coming soon. Although from what little time I’ve spent with it I have two complaints … but I’ll save those for later. :P

Just go and fuckin’ try it. Especially if you’re a fan of fast paced over the top shooters. I’m gonna give it some more play time before I say anything solid about it. :) I’m terrible at these types of games, and so far I’ve only made it to level 16.


Duality ZF Insanity

Now, I don’t normally curse a lot in these types of posts, but this is different. All I’ve got to say is holy fucking bloody Jesus in a handbasket. I have a serious feeling this is gonna be one of those games where I lose a controller. If this sucker plays anywhere near as good as it looks we’re going to have one HELL of a shmup on our hands. And from the looks of it they paid attention to the hitboxes as well, which is good because a lot of these Xbox indie games that come out like this, they don’t pay attention to that. And it really kills the game.

Fuck man … I’m having trouble just keeping track of ONE of the ships let alone everything on screen. I wanna play this. Right fucking now.


We’re getting a real bullethell SHMUP in the Indie Games section soon … Duality : ZF

I don't usually do news posts like this in regards to the Indie Games ... I try to stick to the reviews (something I'm actually GOOD at hehe)  but this game is pretty damned close to my interests. They placed 7th in the DreamBuild thing Microsoft does, 1 away from going to PAX ... and ... yeah. Just check out this video. This game looks like it's going to be WICKED hard and loads of fun.

Hit up the site here and get your learnin' on. If you haven't played a balls hard bullethell shooter ... you haven't lived.