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Game Review – The Sky Crawlers : Innocent Aces for the Wii

14849 Now, I’ll be perfectly honest here. I have only played a handful of flight related games. And all of them are too old for anyone to have really cared about. I remember attempting to play the original MS Flight Simulator when I was a kid. And I got F22 Interceptor recently for the Sega Genesis just because I was curious. And that’s about the extent of the flight games I’ve played aside from Star Fox … but to me that doesn’t really count.

So this review is going to be a little different from most of the ones I do being that I have no prior knowledge of games like this. And I can’t comment too much on the motion controls because I have issues with them with ANY game because I can’t hold my hands steady enough to make that style of a control scheme a viable option. What I’m going to do for this one in particular is relate my experiences playing the game … of which I used a Gamecube controller to play. And of course my opinion of various things such as the gameplay and the graphics and all that neato stuff.