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Anne Hathaway in British GQ

Oh those damn Brits ... getting all the cool stuff.

But regardless of that, this is quite possibly her best photoshoot to date. Bar none. I of course deem it friendly for work, so no jumps necessary here ... unless you're working in a church or something I suppose.


Olivia Wilde in GQ

olivia-wilde-nude-bikini-04 Okay, I was already a fan of the television show House before she ever came on (in fact, it's the only television show I go out of my way to watch), but this is just icing on the cake. That reminds me ... i've gotta go out and snag the Season 5 DVDs. Anyway, hit the jump.


Emma Roberts in GQ and looking kinda bored.

emma-roberts2 I never knew who this was until today, apparently she was in those Nancy Drew movies that I've only ever heard about and never seen. Now that she's 18 maybe she'll get cast in movies that are actually interesting. And apparently she's Julia Roberts' niece. Learn somethin' new every day I suppose. More after the jump, and a bonus where she doesn't look quite so bored.


Jennifer Aniston in Elle

jennifer-aniston-elle-03 Yeah, this post has basically been here, but this is an update given that the one before only had the three pictures. Now there's even more of the 40 year old woman who blows most other women half her age away. Hit the jump for the Elle shoot and a bonus older one to justify basically re-adding a post.


Sienna Miller kicks it up a notch for GQ magazine

sienna-miller-gq-01 I'll definitely give her credit, she knows how to be friends with the camera. I can't say I've ever seen any of the movies she's been in, or if I have I don't remember them off the top of my head. But something tells me I should Netflix some movies. Check out the rest of the pictures from the magazine after the jump.