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Isagolas – an upcoming XBLIG SHMUP

Checked my email when I got home, and behold, a game that sits within one of my favorite genres : the SHMUP. I have no idea where they keep getting these bizarre titles, but oh well. It seems to fit the genre. Of course, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume there isn’t going to be Xbox Live support because these games NEVER seem to support it. Which is an unfortunate shame, because games like this would be PERFECT over Xbox Live. BUT … here’s a little bit of info behind the game :

The human race is in danger! The Solar System will be your battlefield, only you can stop the alien forces that are trying to exterminate our species.

Join the Humanity Defense Force as Crow, the pilot of the new starship prototypeIsagoras-001 together with captain Crozier and lead the battle for survival.

Red Circle Studio presents Isagoras, a 2.5D shoot’em up that brings new ideas to the classic arcade gameplay and next-gen graphics.

  • Use the energy cannons, the high-density laser cannon and the slow-time generator of the Isagoras to destroy the alien army.
  • 2 player mode: join forces together with another friend at any time while you are playing and fuse your Isagoras ships to obtain extra power and finish the final bosses.
  • 5 levels spanning across the Solar System, from planet Earth to Jupiter’s moons…
  • 2D gameplay, 3D graphics.
  • Help the HDF to save the remains of the human species.

Now I’ll be perfectly honest in this … purely going by the video having not played it ... I’m not that impressed with the graphics and the music is irritating as hell. BUT if the gameplay holds up those are minor problems. I mean, hell, look at Decimation X. The graphics in that are pure crap (though the music is wicked) but it’s the gameplay that holds that game together and puts it up there as one of the best games of it’s type on the marketplace PERIOD.

But hit the jump to see some screenshots and a gameplay video of Isagora in action and make your own first impressions.