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Mary-Kate Olsen being insultingly cute in Marie Claire

mary-kate-0910-3-de Say what you want about my thing for the Olsen girls, I don’t have to care. They’re gorgeous and I think it’d take a hell of a lot to make me think differently. One thing I’ve always wondered … what do they think of Bob Saget’s stand up comedy. If you listen to Geek Gamer Weekly when I’m on there, there’s rarely an episode that goes by where I don’t mention him. Because he’s one of the best comedians I’ve ever heard. And on a somewhat related note, the last episode we did an interview with the ex-host of 1 Vs 100 on the Xbox 360 Chris Cashman. Really cool guy and definitely worth a listen.

Anyway, back to these pictures. I dig ‘em. That’s all that needs to be said. And there’s also an interview that goes along with it right here. Go there for the interview, or just hit the jump for some stunning pictures. They both really need to do stuff like this more often for my benefit.


Incredible Keira Knightley photoshoot from June 2009

keira-knightley-topless-chanel-02 I couldn't NOT add this, even though it is a few months old. Still was incredible. She must really like suspenders, though I think they just get in the way. But hey, I'm not one to argue. Hit the jump for more.


Ashley Olsen’s surprised she’s not a useless slob like Britney Spears.

gallery_enlarged-0805_ashley_olsen_01 I'm starting to get used to how WordPress' posting goes here. But regardless of that, Ashley Olsen is in the September issue of Marie Claire (something I'd barely even heard of till recently, and have never read). And this to say :

"I look back at the things that we did and the clothes that we wore, and I think, Wow, we really were troupers," says Ashley--although, gazing at some hideous flowered overalls she was put in at age 6 or 7, she has to admit, "I remember really loving those."
What comes across in the photos is the degree to which the girls' lives were engineered. "It was almost like I was in the army," Ashley says. "School, work, homework, fly to New York, get in at 2 in the morning, do a morning show at 5 a.m., then another one at 7, then a radio interview at 10, you know?" Cutesy, coordinated outfits were just part of the drill. The pressure was intense and the scrutiny even more so -- "That's why I look at Britney, and I'm surprised I didn't end up like her."

God I'm glad she didn't fuck a Federline and do shitty music. *Ahem* Anyway, yeah. The moral of the story here is : Britney Spears is worthless and always has been. That, and she's a fucking train wreck now. More pics of Ashley after the jump.