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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at the Elle Style Awards 2010

21819_Mary_Kate_Olsen_2010_Elle_Style_Awards_greatgams.6x.to_01_122_239lo There are very few women out there that can get away with wearing something that cuts THAT deep, and Ashley is definitely one of them. And Mary-Kate is looking a hell of a lot better than the last time I saw a picture of her. I just wish stuff like this would turn up more often since I’m in the confines of Southern Illinois and I never bother to actually do things like watch television.

But that’s what the internet is good for, isn’t it? So one doesn’t have to waste time with the TV?

But yeah, in the end I honestly wish more pictures like this would surface, it would make my day go by a little better.

And I would definitely have more things that are of actual interest to me personally to update this little corner of the web with other than gaming stuff.


Jennifer Aniston in Elle

jennifer-aniston-elle-03 Yeah, this post has basically been here, but this is an update given that the one before only had the three pictures. Now there's even more of the 40 year old woman who blows most other women half her age away. Hit the jump for the Elle shoot and a bonus older one to justify basically re-adding a post.


I still can’t believe that Jennifer Aniston is 40.

jennifer-aniston-elle-02 What you're seeing here is Jennifer Aniston on the cover of Elle magazine. Simply stunning. And check out the rest of them while you're at it. And naturally I've added these to her gallery.

Jennifer Aniston

40 years old and still blows away most women half her age.

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