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Celebrity touchups. Before and after.

53913_photoshopedcelebritiesy Actually, with the way the pictures are done up, it’s more like “after and before” but you’re smart. You get the idea. What amazes me is that Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson and my personal favorite of the bunch Julia Stiles don’t look all THAT different after being touched up. Obviously, click on the thumbnail to get the full size picture. If for some reason you’re still in the stone age and on dialup, beware that the picture is almost 2 megs.

via I Am Bored


Added more pictures. Why? Because I’m bored and I can.



The reason I add so many pictures to this site? Because it's easy. Fire up the FTP application, upload, then a few clicks with WordPress and I'm done. And here's a fuckton of pictures of Avril Lavigne and Julia Stiles for you horny bastards after the jump. Or you can just click the appropriate link at the top of the page. I offer no explanations because you're not stupid. And I added a bunch of stupid, highly insulting pictures into the Miscellaneous section, and a few more pictures of Kate Hudson in the appropriate area.