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Celebrity touchups. Before and after.

53913_photoshopedcelebritiesy Actually, with the way the pictures are done up, it’s more like “after and before” but you’re smart. You get the idea. What amazes me is that Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson and my personal favorite of the bunch Julia Stiles don’t look all THAT different after being touched up. Obviously, click on the thumbnail to get the full size picture. If for some reason you’re still in the stone age and on dialup, beware that the picture is almost 2 megs.

via I Am Bored


Kelly Clarkson, please …

Now I will give her this much. The woman has a HELL of a voice. She's the only good that has EVER come out of American Idol. And the song Miss Independant (which from what I've heard was written by Christina Aguilera. Makes sense.), the times I hear it on the radio, I don't turn the channel. But Christ woman, wear clothes that are appropriate to your body type. She seems to go  up and down, because ... admit it. That Miss Independant video, god DAMN she was hot. The video was well shot, fun and her voice is, as always, excellent ... even though it would've been better sung by Christina herself because Kelly's vocal style is very Aguilera-ish in that song. And no, I don't fucking watch American Idol.