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Christmas gaming deals abound from Good Old Games, Gameloft and Charlie’s Games

First off, Charlie’s Games has a 2 for 1 deal going on … well … 2 of their games. Bullet Candy Perfect and Irukandji. The kicker? How much do you think they’re worth because anything over $1.00 is game. You think they’re worth a buck? Pay it. You think they’re worth 10? Pay that too. A hundred? Go for it, and you get get both. Bullet Candy Perfect alone is worth the deal for being a pretty well done shooter. Click right here for more information about that.

Good Old Games has deals going as well, and even the NORMAL prices on a lot of the games are cheaper than Steam’s and you get more stuff. Here are some recommendations :

And there are WELL over 100 more, so go there, make an account and check it out.

And finally, Gameloft has a sale going on a lot of their iPhone/iPod Touch games.

  • Chuck Norris : Bring on the Pain – $0.99
  • 1 Vs 100 - $0.99
  • Hero of Sparta - $1.99
  • Wild West Guns - $0.99
  • Let’s Golf - $1.99
  • Midnight Pool - $0.99
  • Midnight Bowling - $0.99
  • Castle Frenzy - $1.99
  • Rise of Lost Empire - $1.99
  • Castle of Magic - $1.99
  • New York Nights $0.99
  • Chess Classics - $0.99
  • CSI Miami - $0.99
  • Platinum Solitaire - $0.99
  • Bailout Wars - $0.99
  • TV Show King - $0.99
  • Ferrari GT - $1.99
  • Diamond Twister – $1.99
  • Alone at War - $0.99
  • Bubble Bash - $0.99

The Earthworm Jim Collection released on Steam, but skip it.


You can now snag Earthworm Jim 1, 2 and the terrible 3D game off of Steam for $19.99. Which doesn't sound like a bad deal at all for such great games (well, the first two anyway).

Or, you can head over to Good Old Games, snag Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 with the in game soundtracks for BOTH, the manual, wallpapers, avatars, a guide and more for $5.99.

And if you really want Earthworm Jim 3D, that's there too for $5.99 and again, comes with the in game soundtrack, the manual, wallpapers etc.

I think the choice is obvious.

  • $11.98 on Good Old Games for the first two games because, let's face it. Earthworm Jim 3D sucked. And they come with tons of extra stuff. Or 17.97 for all three games and still have all that extra stuff.
  • $19.99 on Steam for all three games and that's it.

Don't get me wrong, I love Steam. But if a better deal can be had elsewhere with more stuff, I'll go that route.


Control F12 episode 90 – Final Edition


That’s right. It’s the final episode of the Control F12 podcast. You can either hit it up on iTunes, or listen to it right here. But … a new one will take it’s place called Geek Gamer Radio. Here’s a word about it from Chase, the main host :

Hey Everyone,

I would like to personally welcome you to our new netcast on the interwebs called “geek.gamer.radio”, the show all you geeks and gamers in the world.   We know there are A LOT of people out there who like to chat and talk about their favorite gadget, or game they just beat, and they have a bazillion years of experience in doing it.  They could be biased, getting paid off, or really not giving a clear thought of what they are talking about.

The purpose of this site and show is to bring to you, “the geek and/or gamer” an unbiased, fresh look at everything we love.  We have no previous experience other then starting to game and love technology when we were little.  Were just fellow peeps who have gotten tired of OTHER people tell us what is cool and not cool.  Well, no more.

Personally, we do this for you….to share with us our love of geeking out and gaming it up….and that is why this is here.

If you are a former listener of Control F12 or Hoser Chat, we would like to personally welcome you as well.  We know we had faithful listeners of those shows and I personally know that it is hard to make changes, but we have a lot more in store then what we had on the old shows.

Well, enough talking…..time to get started.

The first show will not be for a while as we are getting the site ready, adding new features, and making finishing touches.  In the mean time, please leave us a comment below, tell US what you would like to see, hear and read.

Till the first show,



And to end the very last show, some people who were in the chat got ahold of tokens for the XBLA game Zombie Apocalypse and the Xbox Live Indie Games IncaBlocks, Halfbrick Rocket Racing, Halfbrick Blastoff, Halfbrick Echoes and Echoes+ thanks to yours truly. Hit the jump for something that may interest you.