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TouchArcade’s hands on preview of NOVA for the iPhone/iPod Touch

Screen-shot-2009-12-01-at-1.42.38-AM1Say what you want about first person shooters on the iPod, but Gameloft has, for the most part, gotten the touch screen controls to work well with them. Here’s the first paragraph and the DAMNED impression gameplay video of this Halo/Metroid style shooter. And read the rest of the pretty in depth article right here. I can’t say I’m a big fan of minigames in these, but you can’t win ‘em all.

The last of the Gameloft previews from their Paris press event is the highly anticipated NOVA, a first person shooter which seems to combine quite a few gameplay elements of both the Halo and Metroid Prime game series. NOVA is set in the future, when the Earth has run out of resources and human civilization exists on what amounts to interstellar resource farms which are guarded by the Near Orbital Vanguard Alliance (or NOVA).