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The ultimate video game documentary of the 80′s coming to the Wii


Check out these ESRB ratings :

Platform : Wii

Rating : Teen

Content descriptors : Animated Blood, Mild Suggestive Themes, Mild Violence

Rating summary: This is a collection of classic arcade games covering several genres. Games include Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Burger Time, Caveman Ninja, Street Slam, Secret Agent, and many others. Some games involve side-scrolling fighting action against dozens of enemy thugs, ninjas, and creatures. Characters occasionally use knives, guns, throwing stars, or grenades in the 2D-style combat. A few games depict brief splashes of blood when enemies get hit; one game depicts a shark that emits red blood when it gets harpooned. The suggestive material represents the strongest pertinent content in the game: A puzzle game called Magical Drop III depicts female characters wearing provocative outfits that expose underwear and deep cleavage. When players score points or make successful combos, the background figures cheer or move in ways that cause their breasts to jiggle.

This implies that the arcade version of Bad Dudes is coming to the Wii. And I will be buying it. BOOYAH.


Bad Dudes for the NES


Bad Dudes is not a videogame. It’s a documentary. About the eighties. And it was filmed in real time. And they need to bring this documentary to Xbox Live Arcade.


Bad Dudes for the PC - Stay the hell away from it.

I love the arcade version of this. In all it's simplicity, the campiness and cheesiness of this game is top notch. All you do is move from left to right beating the shit out of ninjas, dogs, and the inevitable end boss, but I still love it. It stands as one of my favorite classic games. Just not on the PC.