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Vigilante Arcade Remake


Given the fact that I love the recent unofficial Kung Fu sequel adding this particular remake was a no brainer. This game was released in 1988 and is sort of a spiritual sequel to the original Kung Fu Masters arcade game (simply called Kung Fu on the NES) with better graphics, better sound and faster gameplay. And this remake manages to keep all that while fixing a few of the bugs, keeping some in because a lot of the time bugs in these old games are interesting and adding weapons (the original only had one). The music is different from the arcade, and, unfortunately in this release not ALL of the sound effects are in it, but I didn't even notice because I don't have much of a memory of the original to be honest. I do remember playing it a few times when I was a kid and liking it, but that's about it.


Great remake of a great game, and the remake even improves on the original adding different gameplay modes like Survival and Vampire for expert players. Just bear in mind that it keeps that quarter sucking difficulty of the arcade as well, even on the easiest difficulty and near as I can tell there isn't an option to keep inserting credits to eventually beat the game. ;) This is version 1.12 of the game, which is current as of February of 2009. Judging from the updates on the site, this will probably be current for a while. If you wanna see more screenshots and learn a little history on how and why the game was made, hit up the official site, where the DOS version of the game is at as well.

Or just click the link below to download it and prepare to get your ass handed to you. lol

Download for Windows - 2.2MB

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