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iPhone/iPod Touch Review – Revenge of Mad John

282109_3 This game touts itself as being “The Best Old School Beat ‘Em Up in the AppStore”. And yes, it is old school in nature with the same “someone kidnapped your girlfriend” style story we’ve all seen before. It has a great trailer, advertising, all that.

But does it actually stand up? Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

The game plays, for the most part, like games such as Renegade, Streets of Rage and Final Fight. It has one weapon that’s very easy to lose and health powerups that are plentiful.


Cell & Love : The Fun of Fusion for the iPhone/iPod Touch

A new independent games studio called Mutant Games has released a game with the weird name of “Cell & Love : The Fun of Fusion” to the iTunes store. “A puzzle game with a new gameplay based on merging cells. You have to help a little monster to raise his ultimate evolution stage solving 100 levels of puzzle. The game objective is to clear the screen following four fusion rules.”

Here’s a video showing off the first batch of levels along with some screenshots :


Now I honestly don’t know if this is MY type of game … and being that the above is a video capture instead of a camera pointing at someone playing it it’s a little weird seeing everything happen “by magic”. :) It’s a little easier with beat ‘em ups and games that show on screen controls because you can kind of get a sense as to how it’s played. Regardless of any of that, I may have to give it a try because even though I’m not all that much into puzzle games they’re a much better fit on something like the iPhone and iPod Touch than a full size console like the Xbox 360. And apparently a level editor and multiplayer support is also coming soon. Hit the jump for screenshots.


Tara Reid shows off the power of Photoshop

tara-reid-nude-playboy-01 Much like Courtney Love before, Tara Reid is showing the power of Adobe Photoshop in the hands of a skilled user. Because after the jump are candid pictures to show you what she really looks like. Now obviously since this is from Playboy, the pictures aren't safe for work. But I did cut off the thumbnails so THEY'RE (in my opinion) safe.


Pac-Man : Championship Edition for the iPhone/iPod Touch is on sale

Ah how I love this game on the 360. Despite the fact that I’m probably the WORST Pac-Man player on the face of the Earth. I don’t care. I still have fun with it, and now I can play it anywhere because it’s in my jacket pocket.

It came out recently on the iTunes Marketplace for $2.99 and initially comes with 5 championship maps and 20 mission maps. Which will probably be enough for me for quite a while. But there is DLC for $3.99 that adds 10 championship maps, 15 challenge maps and 100 mission maps that I do plan on eventually getting.

In any case, the game itself is on sale right now for $0.99 and if you have an iPhone or (like me) an iPod Touch you owe it to yourself to get this. From what little I’ve played so far it plays beautifully and matches the 360 version in every detail. Well worth the money, and still very much worth the $2.99 starting price. More after the jump.


Courtney Love in Dazed and Confused magazine

courtney-love-nipple-dazed-confused-04 Behold, the unlimited power of makeup and the poor slob who had to sit behind the keyboard and mouse in Adobe Photoshop. I've gotta hand it to her though considering she's 45 years old now. Had she done stuff like this more often 15 years ago or so it wouldn't be so odd to see stuff like this because they wouldn't have had to do so much alterations to it. But as it stands now, when you see just the regular candid pictures of her ... it's a pretty frightening site. Bonus after the jump of a little bit more racy shoot from Pop Magazine.

And now that I think about it ... it seems appropriate she'd appear in a magazine called "Dazed and Confused". Because that's the exact look she's got in every picture. If that's a "Fuck me" look ... she must get a lot of strange reactions to that because it looks more like "I have no idea where I am or what I'm doing. Where's the cocaine."


XBLIG Review – Avatar Casino Slots #1

xboxboxart This is definitely a casual game in the very definition of the word. There isn’t really any winning involved unless you count in game tokens you win by playing. It’s based purely on luck, just like an actual slot machine, and compliments the previous game Slottso Party perfectly.

SGN Games, for the most part, really knows how to make an extremely enjoyable and approachable game in my opinion, and this game shows. Everything from the presentation to the actual playing of the game is very laid back and you could just sit there for 5 minutes playing every now and then or play for an hour straight through.

And it’s one of the few Xbox Live Indie Games I’ve seen that have avatars in them use them well. Most of the time they just seem tacked in just because the ability is there. In Avatar Casino Slots however, hell, right when you start the game you’re presented with a line of Xbox avatars standing around the various machines in the game. Some playing, others just standing back and watching all while this little piano tune plays.


iPhone/iPod Touch Review – Brothers in Arms : Hour of Heroes

brothers-in-arms-hour-of-heroes-screenshot-1 Now, yes, I realize this game came out in 2008. But I don’t care. I just recently got a 2nd generation iPod Touch and this game is new to ME which is the reason I’m writing this. And I should also point out that I have never played any other Brothers in Arms game … which I may have to remedy by getting the PC version eventually. So this is my first foray into the franchise period.

I was on the hunt for some first person shooters to snag for this neat little device, and this (among others) was one of the first ones I grabbed purely because it’s an older title. That and it being .99 cents as a part of Gameloft’s “Black Friday” sales didn’t hurt much either. But is it worth the $4.99 it costs as of this writing?


N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance for the iPhone/iPod Touch due out soon

Yeah yeah, it looks a lot like Halo. But Gameloft has proven lately that they can bring a damn good console experience to the iPhone with games like Modern Combat : Sandstorm, Gangstar and Asphault 5. And this game looks to be no exception to that. I can’t wait, and I’m not even a Halo fan. Brothers in Arms was a bit of a letdown control-wise, but that’s also a much earlier game in terms of the iPhone and whatnot. If you want to see a great example of GOOD first person controls on a touch screen, check out Modern Combat. Hopefully this game controls just as good, because it looks like it’s a lot more in your face than the slower paced militiristic shooters.


XBLIG Review – Balloon Blocks

xboxboxart This is one of those games that got sent to me a while back that for whatever reason my old flaky 360 just REFUSED to run. Now that I have a new one and with my internet connection conking out on me yesterday, I’ve had a bit more time to play. Now, to be honest, when I tried the trial of this at a friend’s house a while back, I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t get it, the physics were messing with me (not to mention the fact that I’m not all that fond of physics based games anyway. Sorry Trials HD.) and other than being yet ANOTHER match 3 indie game I just wasn’t feelin’ it. Of course, this isn’t a trial impression, this is a review of the full game.

As I said, this is another match 3 puzzle game. Of course, this has a lot more to it than most match 3 puzzlers on the 360 purely based on it’s customization. I’ll get to that in a bit.


Left 4 Dead 2 DLC – The Passing

I believe it’s set to come out Spring of 2010, and it will feature the original 4 survivors we all know and love along with the new ones. So that means … Rochelle AND Zoey in the same game. And that’s too much awesome to pass up. There isn’t any word on pricing yet, but if it’s anything like the last Left 4 Dead campaign that hit the consoles, it’ll probably cost 7 bucks. Again. And be free on the PC. Blame Microsoft for that one.

Granted, I didn’t care. I snagged Crash Course on the PC and happily shelled out my Microsoft Space Bucks for it on the 360 just because it’s great stuff.

But going back to “The Passing” it’ll be a whole new campaign bringing back the old survivors, as well as new arenas for Survival, Versus and Scavange modes. New firearms, new melee weapons. A new “uncommon” zombie (uncommon zombies … a good example is that damn clown). As well as a new co-operative challenge mode. And even if they charge for it on both platforms, I’ll still get it.

So this isn’t going to be a light one. And I can’t wait for it. Left 4 Dead 2 for the win. Down with Modern Warfare 2.

RochelleWeaponsRender Zoey___Left_4_Dead_by_loko3d

Like I said. Can’t wait.

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