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Courtney Love in Dazed and Confused magazine

courtney-love-nipple-dazed-confused-04 Behold, the unlimited power of makeup and the poor slob who had to sit behind the keyboard and mouse in Adobe Photoshop. I've gotta hand it to her though considering she's 45 years old now. Had she done stuff like this more often 15 years ago or so it wouldn't be so odd to see stuff like this because they wouldn't have had to do so much alterations to it. But as it stands now, when you see just the regular candid pictures of her ... it's a pretty frightening site. Bonus after the jump of a little bit more racy shoot from Pop Magazine.

And now that I think about it ... it seems appropriate she'd appear in a magazine called "Dazed and Confused". Because that's the exact look she's got in every picture. If that's a "Fuck me" look ... she must get a lot of strange reactions to that because it looks more like "I have no idea where I am or what I'm doing. Where's the cocaine."