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One of the coolest flash animations I’ve seen in a long time.


What this guy does with animation, sound, and music is pretty astonishing. Just give it a watch and a listen right here. It doesn't take long, and you won't be sorry if you're a fan of really cool shit.


Anyone remember cassette tapes?

Occasionally I'll go up to Goodwill and look for neato games that I may have missed at some point, didn't see any video game stuff there though this time. But I passed by the tape section, and out of the corner of my eye saw Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine. Then started scanning through them a little more and saw Broken by the same "band". Ended up walking out with the following for 50 cents apiece heh :


Just got back from a Collective Soul show.

Say what you want about the band considering they haven't really been noticed since the late 90's, but they put on a damned good show. It was at Herrinfesta Italiana and about an hour and a half long. The singer is amazing in the fact that he actually sings the songs better live compared to how they sound on the CD. The lead guitarist is amazing, and something that I like a lot they interacted a lot with the audience.

And they didn't do a cardinal sin that a lot of bands I've seen do.  Some of them (mainly Puddle of Mudd) merely show up, sing the songs and leave. So, yeah, all in all Collective Soul was a good show.