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BZFlag - Go blow shit up.


Having no money is no excuse not to play something. But here’s an odd one. An arena shooter in tanks. That jump. Yep, it’s BZFlag. It’s an open source game available for for Linux, Mac OS and Windows … and probably others but those are kinda the big three. And this game will run on just about anything you throw at it. The system requirements are very minimal, so there’s no issue there. Hell, it’ll even run on a Atom powered netbook with Intel graphics with very little graphics tweaks. This isn’t a review, just me going on about how cool the game is.


Me and the internet, and cloud computing.


I've been on the internet a hell of a long time. It came around this area in 1994, and before then I had been getting on services such as America Online, Prodigy, Compuserve, and of course, the venerable bulletin board. In most of my life using computers, there hasn't really been a time where I wasn't online in some form or another.


The way people pronounce things annoy the hell out of me sometimes.

I'm only going to go into a few of them here, so no biggie. Ever heard someone refer to an .ISO file as "eye-sow"? Or when someone tells you a URL they say "wub-wub-wub, dot whatever dot com"? How about when people talk about the GUI for, say, Linux, Windows or Mac OS, or ANYTHING that has a "Graphical User Interface". Some people say "Goo-ee".