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Another Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

Everyone on my friends list has been raving about Batman: Arkham Asylem. So, I finally got around to playing it. Dhalamar previously gave the game an 8/10, but I don't think that is high enough so I wrote my own review. I don't generally give games a score but if 8 is not high enough I guess I have to this time. I think Batman: Arkham Asylem is a solid 9 with Game of the Year potential.

You can check out my review here.

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Gears of War 2 Trying to Stay Relevant

Epic announced this week that with the anniversary of Gears of War 2 they were going to have triple XP for all play lists for a week.  Additionally, they added a tactical mode where bullets do damage but gives you less ammo in your gun. There have been double XP weekends in the past, but this full week of triple XP is completely unprecedented.

With the release of what will be the best selling and most played game of the year, Modern Warfare 2, the timing seems a little suspect. There was a time when Gears of War 2 was the most played game on Xbox Live, but it has slipped down to the sixth most played game on Major Nelson's weekly report.  It looks like triple XP is Epics desperate attempt to keep from falling off the list completely when Modern Warfare 2 releases on Tuesday. We'll have to wait and see if it works, but with five title updates it might be to late. Gears of War 2's fan base is getting a little tired and frustrated with their constant changes.


My two cents about the Left 4 Dead 2 demo.


I don’t have the money to pre-order the game like a lot of you people do, so I had to wait. But damn was it worth it.


A man’s dog uses the Xbox 360 to buy 5,000 MS Points.

Now, I’ll be honest here. I’ve screwed up and bought GAMES that I didn’t mean to buy. Both on the 360 itself and in the marketplace on the website. But this is a DOG. Who managed to turn the system on and buy 5,000 MS Points. That’s $62.50 folks. Me personally, I would’ve killed the damn dog.

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First footage of Matt Hazzard : Blood Bath & Beyond for XBLA and PSN

I actually like the first game that came out on the 360 called Eat Lead (even though the sniper parts of the game are infuriating and there’s some weird issues with the control). But I love the overall story and the made up back story for the character. So I can’t wait to play this. The sense of humor behind the two games are great and one of the reasons I put up with the crap sniper levels in Eat Lead.


Control F12 episode 89 - Giggles


Go get it here, apparently they had someone a little different this week in that they finally had a female voice on the show. :P Alternatively, you can also get it from the iTunes Music Store (which is what I'm doing right now to listen to in the car tonight).

And they're also running a contest where you can pick up Time Pilot and Frogger for the Xbox 360 along with a 48 hour Xbox Live Trial. You can get more info about that here.

So yeah. Go and listen.


Game Review - Batman : Arkham Asylum

PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Rated T. PC: $49.99 Xbox 360/PS3 : $59.99

PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Rated T. PC: $49.99 Xbox 360/PS3 : $59.99

I have been waiting for a good Batman game for what seems like forever. Back in the day, the game for Batman Forever almost seemed like it would fit that bill ... but the Mortal Kombat engine doesn't lend itself to making a good side scrolling beat 'em up. The original Batman game for the NES and Batman Returns for the NES were pretty good, but they were also pretty typical. Most of the rest have either been rehashes of the same thing or complete garbage. And no, I never did play Batman Begins. Here we are in 2009 and we finally have a great Batman game.


Invincible Tiger : The Legend of Han Tao - First Impressions

It's that first impression that makes or breaks a game for me. If I can't get into within about half an hour or so, I'm probably not going to like it. And so far this game fails miserably on most accounts for that first impression. The graphics are good, except the character models themselves look like something from a first generation PS2 game. The stages that I've been through so far are impressive though. And there is "film grain" constantly to make it look like an old movie. The music is awesome, anyone who's seen Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon will recognize it immediately, and it really helps to give that over the top kung fu flick feel to it. The sound effects are pretty generic, but work well enough. There's certain times where the camera just goes nuts zooming in and out and that becomes irritating real quick.


Xbox Live Arcade Review - Wolfenstein 3D

You see that kickass trailer? Are you like me and think it’s the coolest trailer ever? Do you still wanna shell out 5 bucks on Wolfenstein 3D?


Bricks4Ever - Xbox Live Indie game review

xboxboxartNow let's not kid ourselves, there is a LOT of crap in the Indie Games section of Xbox Live. Everyone knows it. It is rare that you find a game in there that is even worth LOOKING at let alone downloading. bricks4ever by Running Pixel on the other hand breaks that mold delivering a great game. I've been a Breakout fan since the Atari 2600 days (I still play it with my Atari 2600 TV game paddle thing from time to time), but a lot of the recent attempts at remaking this classic game go WAY overboard graphically. Or they botch the gamplay to almost an unplayable state. Or they just have boring unimaginative levels. bricks4ever on the other hand keeps the simplicity of the game in tact. Yeah, it's got the powerups (and the "screw you" stuff along with it. The things that drop down and shrink your paddle for instance. Or make the ball go faster at just the wrong time), which are a welcome sight when done right. This game delivers.