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My two cents about the Left 4 Dead 2 demo.


I don’t have the money to pre-order the game like a lot of you people do, so I had to wait. But damn was it worth it.

First I got the Xbox 360 version when it became available to Gold members, and since my 360 is flaking out the game froze up. Figures. So then I checked Steam and it was available there. My desktop has more than enough power to run this game, so naturally I installed it using the blissful keyboard and mouse control that a controller can never replicate or get right.

I’m not going to get into the fact that there are new survivors and all that (except … well … just look at Rochelle. I have made the decision I’m never actually going to play AS her unless I have to. She’s that hot.) and I haven’t encountered and done everything the demo has to offer. This is just going by my playthroughs of it.

standard_Left_4_Dead_2_Screenshot-2_(19) The first thing you’ll notice about it is the graphical style is drastically different from the first game based purely on the fact that this 2 level demo takes place during the day. And despite that fact the game is STILL balls to the wall freaky. The sniper rifle isn’t anywhere near as irritating as it is in the first game and can actually be used run and gun style now. And there are some other new weapons like a machine gun of some sort with a silencer and an AK-47. There are melee weapons, and my personal favorite is the machete. There’s just something in me that snaps when I grab ahold of that thing. The guitar is pretty cool too.

The common infected this time around are pretty much the same as before except they’re definitely one upped graphically and have a lot more details to them. The game is a hell of a lot gorier than before. And the new infected that I’ve come across so far are awesome. There’s a zombie with bullet proof armor on, the spitter that spits out acid, naturally the tank is there with a slightly new look along with new looks for the smoker and the hunter. The witch looks exactly the same, butt she walks around now which definitely makes it harder to avoid her. The jockey is irritating as hell, but in an awesome way. And there’s a new infected that just takes off running after you, grabs ahold of you and starts slamming you against the ground. There are others, but either I haven’t come across them yet or they aren’t in the demo.


The first chance I get, I’m snagging this game. For both the 360 AND the PC so I’ll be able to play it with anyone I choose. If you haven’t done it yet, I highly suggest downloading the demo. And for all you whiners who think this is just a carbon copy of the first game, just shut up. Please. Now I’m gonna go play it on a higher difficulty than normal just to see how long it is before I get my ass kicked.

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