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You mean there are actually people who haven’t played Rise of the Triad?

gratuituousboobageMan, I remember playing the hell out of the shareware version of this game when it came out in 1995, and I was playing it on a system that could only just barely run it. At the time, seeing those digitized actors on the screen, and all the gibs. It was just glorious with some super fun multiplayer deathmatch with support for up to 11 people. And I got to thinking about it the other day, and I realized I’d never played the full version of the game. Then behold, Good Old Games had the game for 6 bucks. And along with that it came with a scanned version of the original manual, the in game soundtrack which is happily sitting on my iPod right now and extra levels. While it’s kind of dodgy in DOSBox on my netbook (I haven’t tried it on my more powerful desktop yet) it still ran more than well enough to play and enjoy. Then I got to thinking, the source code for the game was released some years back. Someone had to have ported it to Windows. And sure enough, there’s WinROTT.