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You mean there are actually people who haven’t played Rise of the Triad?

gratuituousboobageMan, I remember playing the hell out of the shareware version of this game when it came out in 1995, and I was playing it on a system that could only just barely run it. At the time, seeing those digitized actors on the screen, and all the gibs. It was just glorious with some super fun multiplayer deathmatch with support for up to 11 people. And I got to thinking about it the other day, and I realized I’d never played the full version of the game. Then behold, Good Old Games had the game for 6 bucks. And along with that it came with a scanned version of the original manual, the in game soundtrack which is happily sitting on my iPod right now and extra levels. While it’s kind of dodgy in DOSBox on my netbook (I haven’t tried it on my more powerful desktop yet) it still ran more than well enough to play and enjoy. Then I got to thinking, the source code for the game was released some years back. Someone had to have ported it to Windows. And sure enough, there’s WinROTT.



And now instead of a blocky, pixelated 320x200 playfield … which for 1995 was just fine. But nowadays it’s painful … I’m playing it at 1024x768 at a faster rate than DOSBox was originally running it. And this game definitely stands the test of time. And WinROTT also adds bots into the mix for the multiplayer, and it’s just as fast and frantic as I remember it. And the single player game is just as great with some excellent level design, great powerups, a great sense of humor and some of the most devastating weapons ever seen in a first person shooter. It’s well worth the price, and when you add WinROTT to the mix it just makes it that much sweeter with high resolution graphics. But I’m kind of partial to the old pixels anyway. :) And, unlike ODST, you can actually dual wield pistols in this game.

Go hit up the Wikipedia page for the game right here because the game has a pretty neat history. One thing I never knew about it is the fact it was supposed to simply be an add on for Wolfenstein 3D. But then they released DooM and cancelled it. It grew into it’s own game, and thank the heavens it did because it’s a great experience. If you’re into older first person shooters this is definitely highly recommended.

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