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ASCIIpOrtal has been released.


A little while back I made a comment on an upcoming game called ASCII Portal. (Which the author spells ASCIIpOrtal. Seems cooler to me. hehe) Now, if you didn't guess, this is a fan made version of Valve's game Portal done in entirely ASCII graphics. Which I am a sucker for. You can view my original post about it here, or you can just go straight to the downloads for Mac, Windows and Linux at Cymons Games. Thanks to @retroremakes on Twitter for helping to let everyone know, and you can follow Cymons Games at @CymonsGames on Twitter if you feel so inclined.


ASCII Portal - This is both awesome and ridiculous at the same time.


I have nothing to say, this is just pure weirdness. Hit the jump for a little more info and a gameplay video with commentary.