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Outrun for DOS


The DOS version of Outrun, had I found it when I was a kid I would've definitely played it to death .. just without the music.


My small but proud Genesis collection grew a little bit today.

Just got Sonic Spinball, Super Street Fighter 2 and Quackshot today at the pawn shop a little ways from me.

All of them have the cases, but unfortunately the only game that actually has a manual is Sonic Spinball. Good arcadey-type pinball game, but nothing compared to the excellence that is Dragon's Fury.

And I got a Game Genie for the Genesis for about 4 bucks, even has the code book that originally came with the unit itself and 4 issues of the code updates or whatever. Looks like the box and books came in contact with water at some point, but other than one page in the code updates book they're fully readable . And the genie  itself works great.

I've found that even with the power of the Game Genie I STILL can't pass the level in T2 : The Arcade Game where you have to defend John Connor's truck. The weird thing is, it's ONLY the Sega Genesis version where I can't pass that level. I do fine in the arcade, SNES and DOS versions of the game. Very frustrating. Not a very good arcade port since the Genesis unfortunately has issues with sprite scaling, but a good game regardless. And plays great with the standard controller.

One of these days I'll write a full out review of the game itself,  and I'm still working on my Outrun for Genesis article. That game has a lot of love from me, so I wanna make sure it's just right.


Okay, I think I may have a problem. :)

Just got back from a flea market about half an hour away from my house, and snagged the following:

An original box NES with 2 controllers, the NES Advantage joystick (which, while it works perfectly, has a weird see througgh yellow golf ball lookin' thing instead of the normal ball, but it doesn't affect anything), a zapper and had the games Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt