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Miley Cyrus has a tattoo. Let the controversy continue.

1 OH MY GOD! Let the online shenanigans begin! People are probably going to bitch about this just like they bitch about everything else she does. What’s the big deal about her having a tattoo. Or doing the whole stripper pole thing for all of about 10 seconds. Who cares. Anne Hathaway was a Disney chick too … ever seen Havoc? How about Hilary Duff’s squeaky clean image she’s getting out of. Christ people, just leave it alone.

And if you’re wondering where this tattoo is at … it’s a very small tattoo under her breast that reads “Just Breathe”. Wow, yeah … LOTS of controversy there.

With the way people react to her you’d think it reads “Fuck me” or something like that.

As I said. Get over it. If nothing else, you have to be … what … 18 to get a tattoo? And she’s 17? I don’t know personally because I have no need to waste my time getting one.

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