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XBLIG Review – Johnny Platform Saves Christmas!

xboxboxart The original Johnny Platform game was (and still is) a great little platformer, originally designed for the Nintendo DS as a homebrew game that got ported later on to the 360. But it’s main problem was that fact … every level was limited to the middle of the screen because of the DS’ resolution and the way the game was set up for that system. Didn’t stop it from being a good game however.

Now the sequel is out with the potentially damning title of “Johnny Platform Saves Christmas!” … which implies it’s another one of  those shovelware seasonal titles that people waste their time with releasing. Thankfully though, the Christmas nonsense seems to have been more of an afterthought than anything and it really is a true sequel bettering the original in every way. Other than the presents you push around and the other slightly holiday related stuff, this could’ve easily NOT have been a holiday game. And I personally would have preferred that. But hey, as I say, you can’t win ‘em all.


Johnny Platform Saves Christmas! trailer. Coming soon to the XBLIG.

Yes, here we have a sequel to Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp, a horribly addicting little ... well ... platformer in the indie games section. Also, ironically, I think it was the second game I ever bought on the service.

Regardless of that, check this out.

100 levels, widescreen HD, new robots, explosions, and lots of sideways rolling.

Yes, that annoying music is back but it's much less annoying now and there's also more than one piece of music in this game. :)

So yeah. All the things needed to make the game better. Sideways scrolling and explosions to bring in the Christmas cheer. I can't comment on the widescreen because I'm not cool and I don't actually own an HDTV though.

Dammit. Anyway ... yeah ... I wanna play this. :P