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XBLIG Review – Johnny Platform Saves Christmas!

xboxboxart The original Johnny Platform game was (and still is) a great little platformer, originally designed for the Nintendo DS as a homebrew game that got ported later on to the 360. But it’s main problem was that fact … every level was limited to the middle of the screen because of the DS’ resolution and the way the game was set up for that system. Didn’t stop it from being a good game however.

Now the sequel is out with the potentially damning title of “Johnny Platform Saves Christmas!” … which implies it’s another one of  those shovelware seasonal titles that people waste their time with releasing. Thankfully though, the Christmas nonsense seems to have been more of an afterthought than anything and it really is a true sequel bettering the original in every way. Other than the presents you push around and the other slightly holiday related stuff, this could’ve easily NOT have been a holiday game. And I personally would have preferred that. But hey, as I say, you can’t win ‘em all.


Regarding the overall presentation, it’s WORLDS better than the first and at the same time it keeps with the overall style of the original. The levels still keep their simplistic charm with bright vibrant colors, great level design over it’s 100 levels and while there are still some levels that use the odd “middle of the screen” approach the original uses the rest of them are full screen and have a lot of creativity. The sound hasn’t really changed all that much, but then again the sound and music were just fine. And the new music tracks sound great and match the overall tone and feel of the game perfectly along with Johnny’s various little one liners and grunts and various other little things. I’ve never been all that wild about the animation (or rather, the complete lack of it) and while it was fairly understandable with the first one being that it was a homebrew game for the Nintendo DS, for this one I would have liked to have seen more emphasis put on the fact that it’s on a MUCH more capable system. But on the same note, the level layout and design show that just fine. But one major thing which isn’t important at all is the fact that the title screen is absolutely horrible. :)


The overall gameplay hasn’t drastically changed from the first, though it doesn’t really have to. Johnny does have a new move that you’ll definitely find yourself having to use though : a rolling move when you hit either the left or right bumper. I’ll let you find that out when you play the game. There are also more level specific things like bombs that you push through fires to light and eventually blow up blocks that are in the way. You can hold a LOT more than just one thing over your head this time around, and you can use that same roll move to get out from under it quickly. You still go around collecting cups of coffee and avoiding/killing enemies. And a whole host of extra things. This is definitely not just a reskin. Being that the screen is so much bigger than the original there’s also a lot more to do in the levels and if you like puzzle platformers, this is definitely something you should try.


I was initially a little skeptical of this, especially after seeing the abomination that was Xmas Taxi, but thankfully the holiday retardedness doesn’t show in this game so much, and it feels a lot more like a true sequel than just a holiday themed game. Other than Johnny wearing his little Santa hat and occasionally moving presents out the way you generally won’t even tell. Other than that hideous looking title screen that honestly doesn’t make any difference whatsoever to the game, there is one thing that DID carry over from the first game that I personally can’t stand. The fact that it only saves every 5 levels. Now I am glad that it does in fact save, I just don’t like that particular way of doing it. But maybe that’s just me.

8.5 - Either way, the game is 24 points and if you like the style of game, definitely get it. Even if you don’t like these types of games (like me) it’s still very much worth it because the puzzles, while not impossible do provide a great level of challenge. The key is to stop thinking about it and just do it. ;)

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  1. Out of curiosity, how far did you get? I’m currently stuck on level 46…

  2. I need to go back and spend more time with this one. I got stuck and then sidetracked with other games.

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