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Killzone : Liberation DLC


I just recently got a PSP and this game, and learned that there was some very important DLC that was released for it … namely adding entirely chapter to the story mode as well as online multiplayer. You’re SUPPOSED to be able to get it from Killzone.com … but it appears that site only seems to want to concentrate on the newest game that’s out. So the DLC isn’t available for download anymore. So I did a little hunting and found a Mediafire link for it … but let’s be honest. Who wants to use Mediafire?

Here’s the demo to give you a little taste since it isn’t actually in the Playstation Store. Just decompress it to your memory stick and you’re good to go.

Killzone : Liberation Demo – 25MB

What you will find here are the files to update the game. This is NOT the full game, and it won’t do you any good unless you already own the game. If you want the full game … you can snag it at Gamestop for 10 bucks. Or maybe even cheaper other places. Trust me, it’s worth it. Even to this day it’s one of the best shooters for the PSP. You can download the update right here. I don’t believe I’m violating any kind of copyright in making this available. And there are still some people who play it online, I just want to aid in making that number bigger because this really is a great game. And bear in mind, this update is for the full version of the game. Not the demo.

Killzone : Liberation Chapter 5 and Online Play Update – 77MB

Now for the instructions. You need to get the directory onto your memory stick by either just putting it into your computer or hooking your system up via USB. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Go into the PSP directory, then the GAME directory. Copy the directory here. I shouldn’t have to tell you to make sure you have enough space. Now go in and start the game. You’ll see a “Downloads” option, start that up. After a bit you’ll get an “Out of memory” error, don’t worry about it. Just hit the circle button to back out, then back out of the browser. You’ll come across an install screen, and it’ll install the DLC. There you go, all done.


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  1. Thanks man, hopefully this works. I own the game and have known about the dlc for a while. The download link and the killzone.com link dont work for me so I was out of luck trying to get it and it’s been driving me crazy! Recently, I saw a video on youtube where a guy posted a walkthrough of the dlc chapter (5) and left link in the description bar for the dlc. I downloaded it and got really excited. Then I found out that no matter where I downloaded it, the dlc didn’t work. I am going to follow your instructions and hopefully I will be able to finish the story and dive into the online 1v1 mode!

  2. I don’t think it worked. I have a psp 3000 and a 1GB memory card with over 330 MB of free space and the latest system software update (6.38). (As of April 2011) What I did was I installed the entire zipped folder (I think that is what it is called) under psp>game. I copied the folder to do this from a folder to the games folder on my psp. It copied without a hitch. I started up the game, went to the “downloads” option and started it. My internet connection was at 80-90 % signal strength. Sure enough I got a message saying “There is not enough memory. Close a tab or go to [Tools] > [Settings] > [View Settings] and set [Conserve Memory] to [On]. The [Conserve Memory] feature may help in some cases.” The conserve memory setting was already on. I backed out twice with the circle button but instead of coming across an install screen, I was sent back to the title screen! PLEASE HELP ME!

    • I really don’t know what to tell ya dude … that’s precisely what I did and it worked without a hitch. I’m not all that familiar with the PSP since I don’t play them that often. Hell, the only reason I even got the system is because it was on Craigslist for cheap and it came with Killzone. I figured “I’ve played all the other ones, I might as well play this.”

      Did you copy the .zip file itself to the memory card? Because if you did that, it’s not going to work. You have to actually decompress the contents to the memory card.

      • thats what i did, im not very cpu smart. how do you decompress it? btw gtg for the night. I will be reading your response to this tomorrow (if you make a response!) Also, even if things don’t work out, thanks for your polite cooperation and your helpfulness. : )

  3. New news, I saved the dlc I downloaded from the link to the folder “SAVEDATA” on psp and (it actually showed up) it showed up as “corrupted data”. Do you have any idea why?

  4. Anyways, I was wondering Dhalamar if you could explain how to decompress the saved data from my pc to the memory card for me. That would be SOOOOOO helpful!

  5. Found out how to unzip zipped files, I going to try the dlc again.

  6. Crossing fingers…

  7. I Extracted the files to the game folder but when I go to the Download from the game, it comes up Not enough memery and when I go back to the menu……….Nothing. :/

    Im using the 1000 series PSP and any tips?

  8. hey thx dude, it all worked out 4 me. it takes a load off to know that this dlc isnt gone :P

  9. I had this file on my PC from waaay back. Was pissed it didn’t work… but this workaround made it go! Awesome.

  10. Hey, big thanks for putting up this link! I recently got this game from the welcome back program and was sad to see there was no way to get the DLC anymore.

    Question: Is this supposed to leave the Killzone Liberation installer supposed to stay in my memory stick game section? If I delete it, will the dlc still be there?

  11. i dont get how to decompress it from my pc (help please)

  12. Thanks for the DLC Dhalamar and shame on you SONY and Guerilla for removing DLC from the downloads.

    Anyway, for anyone in the UK, the DLC is US version but there is a way to make it work. This is what you should do…

    First do not play the game before you get 5th chapter because you will have to start over. Also make sure the battery is fully charged before you proceed.

    The DLC above will be in the UCUS98646 folder and if you have UK version of the game will just be ignored. You need to put that extracted DLC folder in GAME folder and then rename it from UCUS98646 to UCES00279 (for other regions check your UMD for the correct code)

    Then do wht the article says, go to downloads and when you get run out of memory message press circle twice. After the installation is complete you will have to choose the language and ‘new game’ again. But you will see v1.2 at the bottom and online multiplayer. I guess you will be connected to the US servers if you try it, which is a good thing, the game is probably already dead online, so you might find someone. I haven’t checked if the 5th chapter is there as you won’t see it until you complete previous 4, but I expect it is there.

    Anway enjoy it, it is a great game!

  13. thanks helped alot

  14. can u post a demo pls

  15. i mean a video that show how to transfer the DLC to your PSP

    • Even if I still had a PSP to demo something like that with for a video, it’d be too much like “Computer 101″ … if someone can’t figure it out from those very simple, clear directions then they probably shouldn’t be messing with downloading things in general. lol

  16. okay…i just downloaded the DLC and it worked…it took me 3 hours to figured it out…thnx Dhalamar :)

  17. I just wanted to say thanks for putting this update out for the rest of us. I originally had the umd for this and loved it, but sold it due to the lack of online play(had no idea of the dlc until yesterday lol). Anyway the one good thing about the hacking problem PSNfaced was getting this and inFamous free! I didn’t finish the download yet so I hope it works on my 2000. Appreciate it bro.

  18. Thanks a lot for this. I recently bought Killzone Liberation in a Dual Pack and was a little disappointed to learn that their server was no longer supporting the game. The DLC worked like a charm, no fuss, no muss.
    Really appreciate this. Thanks again.

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