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A quick first impression of Street Fighter IV for the iPhone/iPod Touch

Been running through the Dojo part of it where it tells you how to do commands and things of that nature. And so far from what I've played, the time that they put into the touch controls really shows because this thing controls like a dream. It's really surprised me on how well it plays. Which is pretty damn important for a fighting game.


There's a little bit of a learning curve to it because it seems to default to the medium attacks then you choose different directions to do fierce attack and light attacks and the like. But I've been pulling off special moves like they're nothing. Including those fucked up "down forward, down forward + attack" super moves.


Unfortunately it only seems to have bluetooth multiplayer, which is a bummer for me because I literally know of no one else with either an iPhone or iPod Touch of my friends.


You can choose from Abel, Blanka, Chun Li, Ryu, M Bison, Dhalsim, Guile and Ken with 7 backgrounds. All the characters seem to have their moves in tact, though I haven't played enough of the console version to really tell or care if there's a big difference.


This is definitely going to disappoint people who love the game in the arcade and on the consoles because it's a handheld port of the game. There's no way a handheld version of Street Fighter will make the die hards happy. But for people like me who just want to play and enjoy the game and don't care enough to count pixels or pull off super-mega-ultra-suckyourdickwhileyou'replaying combos it's perfectly fine. Looks great, sounds great, plays great. For me personally, so far, it's worth the 10 bucks and one of the better handheld Street Fighter games I've played outside of the Gameboy Advance version of Street Fighter Alpha 3.

mzl.xtxejxjz.480x480-75 Now bear in mind, as you may have gathered, I don’t play SF4 competitively. I’m not terrible at the game on the console, but I’m definitely not good at it. I play it casually. I go in, play for a while and/or beat the game and leave. That’s about it. But still, well worth the 10 bucks so far.

And if you want to bitch about the price, bear in mind how much it would cost for the Nintendo DS (please don’t release it there Capcom) or the PSP.

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