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Street Fighter for DOS


When the original Street Fighter hit in the arcades, it was met with more of a whimper because you only had 2 playable characters and the game wasn't that good. Player one was Ryu, and player 2 was Ken. The fighting sucked, the moves were hard to pull off and ... yeah ... Street Fighter got off to a rocky start. The PC version was released upon the world in 1988 ... and is an unholy abomination against everything that's good. And I played it CONSTANTLY when I was a kid. Not because I liked it, because I got so pissed of at it for being so horrible I was bound and determined to beat it so I could burn the disk.


The graphics, while not bad on their own merits for the time, were a pathetic representation of the arcade game to a platform that didn't have a chance in hell of handling the game. The sound? Little clicks from the PC speaker. But the worst thing about it is that's it's completely unplayable. When you finally do manage to pull off a fireball, more than likely unless the opponent is clear across the screen it won't hit. Then sometimes it inches it's way across the screen, other times it moves like a bat out of hell. And either way, the whole time it's out there you are stuck in that throwing position while the cpu beats on your mercilessly. The dragon punch is completely useless and near impossible to pull of on purpose. And the hurricane kick is equally as impossible and is lackluster at best. But it does suck down your opponent's life.

If the game was actually playable I would recommend it just as a part of history. But this is a part of history that is better left dead and thrown into a ditch.

If you've gotta have a DOS Street Fighter fix, play SFLIU.

Download 198k Use DOSBox and play at your own risk.

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