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Double Dribble Fastbreak hits the iPhone and iPod Touch

Now, I'm not into sports games, I tend to play them VERY casually. I play the occasional baseball game, I play Tiger Woods PGA Tour (yeah yeah yeah. Take his name off it and it's still a great playing golf game) ... but I don't delve too much into the basketball games anymore. The last time I really played one ... I used to play NBA Jam : Tournament Edition on the Sega Genesis back in the day. And I still pop it in from time to time now.

My first start with a basketball game was Basketball for the Atari 2600 when I was about 6 or 7. And I didn't play it for more than a few minutes at best. But then we got an NES and one of the games that we got with it was Double Dribble. And I found out I really like that game. It's a basic, bare bones 5 on 5 basketball game which was GREAT for the era. And is still a hell of a lot of fun to play.

A great looking game considering it came out for the NES in 1987.

I don't think I ever actually finished the game despite having played it for HOURS when I was little. Aside from the iconic "Double Dribble Speak" in the game there are a lot of memorable things for this game. Solid, fluid easy to understand gameplay and not to mention one of the earliest uses of a cutscene in a game. The dunks.

It may not look like much now, but back in the day this was somethin' else.

There was another Double Dribble for the Sega Genesis ... but who cares about that. THIS is the game that stands out in a lot of gamers' minds. Even moreso than the arcade version of it. Normally when games came to the console from the arcades back in the day, they generally took a hit because the consoles just didn't have the power. Double Dribble is an exception to that rule retaining just about everything from the arcade.

Konami released this browser based game with ads during halftime recently (which can be found right here) called Double Dribble Fastbreak which keeps that same, fluid 2 button gameplay and adds some extra elements to it. And now this game is on the iPhone and iPod Touch for 99 cents.

Hell yeah. You can either play the browser based version above ... while it does have ads during halftime, they're not bad at all and non obtrusive. They're just kinda there. No big deal. But if you've got either an iPhone or iPod Touch it's not a bad 99 cents at all. You can snag it right here. And if you want to play the kickass original, I'm pretty sure it's on Wii's Virtual Console.

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