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PLEASE for the love of God, quit bitching about Left 4 Dead 2.

Every time I turn around, someone is bitching and moaning about the upcoming release of Left 4 Dead 2, which I am seriously looking forward to. Some people aren’t and there’s an entire damned petition begging Valve not to release the game so soon. Hit the link to read more about it. And I’ve read post after post about how Valve is going to drop support for the first one all together, and that the gamers are entitled to free updates and addons to the game from them. Now yes, they promised it, and there is more DLC coming, and they’re working on a way to let the people who bought the first game play with the the people on the second game, and vice versa (at least that’s what I read into it) … I’m assuming to help shut people up about it. And I have a feeling that a lot of the people whining about it are console gamers … hell, I’m one of them. Well, not the whiners, but I do play it on the 360 a lot. But Left 4 Dead is a BLAST whether it be a 360 or PC (sorry PS3 guys. Well … not really.).

I’ve bought that game THREE times now. I bought the 360 version a day after launch, later selling it to a friend so I actually have someone I know to play the game with. Bought the PC version a while later, which I am VERY happy with. And that version almost caused me to just dump the 360 version all together because it’s VASTLY superior in every respect. Even though I bought it again, brand new mind you. In most cases, I’m very neutral when it comes to console games vs PC games, but not for L4D. The PC version wins out. Period. Why? For one, keyboard and mouse. There is very little that will beat out even a cheapie crap mouse like mine in regards to aiming. Except a better mouse. Analog sticks just don’t cut it. Another? And this goes for most first person shooters on the PC. Free, reliable multiplayer. Yeah, Xbox Live is reliable, and is fucking GREAT, but alas is unfortunately not free. Which my subscription for it due soon. Dammit. Yet another point? The in game console is so much fun to mess around with.


And finally, L4D Maps. You want more shit for Left 4 Dead? Go there. Xbox 360 users are unfortunately shut out, but get a decent PC. It honestly doesn’t take much run this game thanks to the source engine. I don’t even have a gaming machine, all mine is is a Dell Inspiron 531 that’s been upgraded with more RAM and a 256MB Geforce 8600GT OC, and it runs the game beautifully. On that site you’ll find maps and campaigns done by the fans. And a lot of them are really, really good.Another good one is L4D Mods, where fans and the community upload, well, modifications to the game. Wanna see Zoey nude? I thought so. Oh, and there's a LOT more than just that on there, go check it out.

Average out about $120 I’ve spent on the game at this point since it’s release, I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it. That game has lasted me longer than most of the games in my collection. And I still play the hell out of it now. I mean, come on, how many of you beat it the first day you got it. I see people playing that sucker CONSTANTLY multiplayer. I only play multiplayer with people I know because I’m honestly not that good at the game, and I get tired of getting kicked just because I don’t sit there for hours upon hours a day doing this and that with it. It’s a run and gun, and I play it as such. And I love that shit.

When Left 4 Dead 2 comes out, I’m going to get it. And I’m sure that well over half the almost 40,000 people who signed that ridiculous baby-fit petition will go out and get the game anyway. Why aren’t you making petitions over Activision shoveling out Guitar Hero games all the time? And the majority of the DLC is complete shit anyway. It’s sad that Rock Band 2 didn’t sell as much as Guitar Hero World Tour because it’s a MUCH better game with more songs and better downloadable content.

But in a word, quit whining about Left 4 Dead 2. I’m personally sick of hearing about it, along with a lot of other people. Get on it about Blizzard not adding LAN support in Starcraft 2. THAT’S something that’s legitimate to get onto a company about.

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