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Keira Knightley’s Topless Chanel Ad

Never have I hated suspenders more than I do right now. *Ahem* And now I give you the little sneak preview from June. It's been a while since I did a post like this. Kinda breaks away from the gaming a little bit to go from pixels and polygons to something this awesome. :)

Incredible Keira Knightley photoshoot from June 2009

keira-knightley-topless-chanel-02 I couldn't NOT add this, even though it is a few months old. Still was incredible. She must really like suspenders, though I think they just get in the way. But hey, I'm not one to argue. Hit the jump for more.


Added to the Keira Knightley gallery

KeiraKnightley756 It's about damned time I got around to adding to that gallery. She's the only one who made those god awful Pirates sequels watchable. Except her character was an indecisive bitch in the third one. Domino was a good movie though. And I also added a couple of pictures of Ashley to the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen gallery. Hit the jump for a little preview slideshows. And bear in mind, if you go to any of these categories, sometimes the pictures are so high in resolution that the damned plugin can't handle them. So if you see either a white thumbnail, or a broken image instead of one, the picture is probably still there. I don't care enough to find out what causes that because getting super high resolution pictures is kind of a rarity sometimes. And I don't go actively seeking them out anyway. And be mindful of where you're at, because the gallery is set to random. So there's no telling what will come up that could get you into trouble. heh