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Voxatron - Spiffy looking arena style shooter.

I haven’t seen a game quite like this in a while. The destruction in the video looks awesome and I can’t wait to play me some of this. Here’s from the site :


Voxatron is an arena shooter that takes place in a world made of voxels (little cubes, kind of). Everything in the game is displayed in a virtual 128x128x64 voxel display, including the menus and player inventory. If you look closely, you can sometimes see the inventory (score/life/ammo) casting a shadow on some of the objects on the ground.

I've been working on voxel rendering and modeling tools for a long time now, with the ultimate goal of making a large explorey adventure game. About half a year ago it fused with work I was doing on arena shooters for Conflux, and this is the result.

It's quite a simple game at heart -- mostly just Robotron set in a 3d destructible world with goofy creatures. I'm unsure how major the implications of destructibility will be for gameplay, but it sure is fun to blast away pieces of wall. I've also added an experimental wall-building pickup you can use to construct barriers to hide from scary monsters.

The game takes place in a small set of arenas. Some of them feature rooms with set action pieces, somewhere between Knightlore and Smash TV. This is some of the original adventure based design sneaking back in, and an excuse to create thematic environments.

- Custom software rendering with soft shadows.
- Built-in sound and music synthesizer (also used to make the trailer music).
- Playback & post game recording.

Voxatron will be ready later this year, but I'll create a single-arena preview version too.

Hit the jump for a spiffy video. Thanks to Flare over on the GameGavel forums. One of these days I shall have the patience to do the type of games I want to do. Text based versions of shit I don’t play in the first place. That’s the master plan.


BZFlag - Go blow shit up.


Having no money is no excuse not to play something. But here’s an odd one. An arena shooter in tanks. That jump. Yep, it’s BZFlag. It’s an open source game available for for Linux, Mac OS and Windows … and probably others but those are kinda the big three. And this game will run on just about anything you throw at it. The system requirements are very minimal, so there’s no issue there. Hell, it’ll even run on a Atom powered netbook with Intel graphics with very little graphics tweaks. This isn’t a review, just me going on about how cool the game is.


Me and the internet, and cloud computing.


I've been on the internet a hell of a long time. It came around this area in 1994, and before then I had been getting on services such as America Online, Prodigy, Compuserve, and of course, the venerable bulletin board. In most of my life using computers, there hasn't really been a time where I wasn't online in some form or another.