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I’m obsessed with bats, flippers and balls.

superbreakout*Stands up nervously raising his hand* Hello. My name's David. And I'm fucking obsessed with Breakout, Pinball and anything similar. It all started when I was a kid and got the Atari 2600 and one of the games was Super Breakout.


Fuji Golf - A simple and addictive Windows 3.1 golf game.


Okay okay I like golf games. And I only found out about this one recently. For whatever reason I was looking for an overly simple golf game where I could just go in, play for a couple of minutes while I'm waiting for something to download (or in the case with the direction I've gone with this site, upload), then quit. I ended up playing through all 18 holes of this little game the first time I played it. And I still fire it up from time to time, even though like every other game I touch I thoroughly suck at it.