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Fuji Golf - A simple and addictive Windows 3.1 golf game.


Okay okay I like golf games. And I only found out about this one recently. For whatever reason I was looking for an overly simple golf game where I could just go in, play for a couple of minutes while I'm waiting for something to download (or in the case with the direction I've gone with this site, upload), then quit. I ended up playing through all 18 holes of this little game the first time I played it. And I still fire it up from time to time, even though like every other game I touch I thoroughly suck at it. I've been playing Pac-Gal a lot lately just because it pisses me off that I can't pass the first fucking level. But that's neither here nor there. It came with the Microsoft Entertainment Pack, and I'm not sure of the legality of my putting it on here, so for the time being you're left on your own to find it. You get one course with varying random factors such as wind and slope and things of that nature. Multiple people CAN play, just not at the same time. So long as each person's name is different, as many people as you want can play. When you exit out of the game, it just continues where you left off. Really simple stuff, but addictive as hell.

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