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Gauntlet Revisited - Unless you didn’t guess, this is a Gauntlet remake.


You have been chosen by the Gods ...

Select your avatar - Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard or Ranger - and fight your way through the mythical Gauntlet. On your journey you will find food to keep you healthy, many wonderous magical potions to help you fight, treasure to plunder, keys to unlock chests and doors, and many, many monsters... Guard well your keys and potions, watch out for traps, fight well and maybe, just maybe, the Gods will name you Champion!

Overall, not a bad remake. though the level design is a bit flawed. But I'm not that far into the game yet. And the hitboxes for the enemies are a bit too small. And for some reason, when my health was down and I ran over food, it didn't get picked up, which lead to an early death. From what I can tell so far, two of the coolest features are strafing (you'd be surprised how much that helps in this game) and weapon powerups. The one I got made my weapon into a Contra style spread shot. :) But one problem I've found is that the strafing, you can ONLY strafe. You can't circle strafe. And maybe it's just because I'm very early in the game, but it's much slower paced than the original. Still, not bad. Hit the jump for screenshots and the download.


  • User defined keyboard control
  • Fullscreen and vsync toggle
  • 30 levels of mayhem
  • 4 player characters
  • Over 25 types of enemy with different AI
  • Power-ups, traps and teleporters
  • Treasure vaults and reliquaries
  • RPG style basic stats system


Download 40MB

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